• OnTheStep Team

OnTheStep and Hands of Hope Announce Partnership

OnTheStep is proud to announce a new partnership with Hands of Hope! The partnership has been developed to bring awareness to both organizations, and to display support for all Winnipeggers who are in need of furniture and household items.

To execute this mission, Hands of Hope will be added to the OnTheStep website to coincide with the launch of on-demand fall cleanup. Therefore, when homeowners order a fall cleanup service through OnTheStep, they will have the opportunity to donate gently used furniture and household items to Hands of Hope.

In addition to supporting donation of furniture and household items, OnTheStep will support Hands of Hope’s pre-employment program for newcomers to Canada. Similar to OnTheStep’s partnership with Hire a Refugee, the partnership will provide newcomers to Canada a flexible way to provide income for their families and increase the amount of Steppers in the OnTheStep platform. With the partnership being put into effect immediately, Steppers coming out of Hands of Hope’s pre-employment program will be able to take requests for both fall cleanup and snow removal this year.

About Hands of Hope:

Hands of Hope is a registered charity whose mission is to provide free furniture and household goods to people in need in Winnipeg. We are committed to providing an efficient and effective support to families and individuals whose lives are broken by poverty, oppression, exclusion and abuse.

To learn more and to donate to Hands of Hope, please visit: