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Homeowner questions

Where does OnTheStep provide on-demand services? 

  • OnTheStep operates in Brandon, MB, Winnipeg, MB, Saskatoon, SK, Regina, SK, and Sudbury, ON. 

We are happy to provide all these areas with on-demand lawn care, fall cleanup, and snow removal services.  

When should I expect a Stepper to respond to my service request?

  • We aim for our Steppers to be at your property within 3-6 hours. However, please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be picked up by a Stepper. Once a stepper has picked it up, they will be there within 90 minutes. Our service time can be impacted by:

    • 1) Price

      • Steppers may choose not to pick up your request if the price you have set is too low. We suggest increasing your request price to have higher response times. ​

    • 2) Time of day

    • 3) Weather conditions

    • 4) Demand

Am I able to order on-demand services through a phone call? 

  • Yes! You are able to order by calling our phone number at +1 (204) 594-7296 or toll-free at +1 (833) 759-1748


What if I want to cancel/ change my service request? 

  • You are only allowed to cancel for no charge if your request has not been picked up by a stepper.

  •  You can cancel the request before the Stepper starts the job, but there will be a 15% cancellation fee from the price that you have set for your request.


What happens if a Stepper does not fulfill their service responsibilities?​

If you are not satisfied with your Stepper's completed work, you can either Approve the work with a complaint, or submit a Rejection.

1) Approve Request With a Complaint.

  •  Your method of payment will still be charged for the amount that you have set for the request. The complaint will be issued to the stepper to make sure the incident will not happen again​.

1) Approve Request With a Complaint.

  •  Your method of payment will not be charged during the rejection process-review. There will be a process of review that examines the before and after photos. If we conclude that your reason for rejection is approved, you will receive a full refund. If we reject your claim, then you will not receive a refund.


Do you keep my payment information?

  • We do not keep your payment information. All transactions are done through Stripe.


When am I charged?

  •  Method of payment is charged after you approve your service request

  • If you do not provide any feedback of the provided services (eg. approve, approve and make a complaint, or reject the provided services) within two hours after a Stepper has completed the work you will be automatically charged with the price you have set for the Request

Why does it appear that I'm being charged before the Stepper has finished clearing my snow?/Why does it appear that I'm being charged twice?

  • Stripe, our third-party payment processor authenticates your credit card once you make a Request. Some credit cards and banks authenticate by charging a temporary amount to your credit card

  • If you were to cancel your Request, your bank/credit card company will refund the authentication charge.

  • Once approved the Stepper's work, you will be charged for the price you have set for the request and your credit card company/bank and the authentication charge will be refunded.

  • Some credit card companies and banks take longer than others to refund the preauthorization charges so give it some time if the refund does not happen right away



How can I order multiple requests at once?

  • You can make a request for every address in your account.

What's included in my request? 

  • Steppers are required to remove the snow from your driveway and all accessible walkways on your property

  • Steppers are NOT required to remove snow off of your rooftop, or any additional snowfall after the snow removal is completed

Do you clear the snow down to the concrete/pavement?

  • Steppers do not use metal ice scrapers/ice picks while performing the snow removal service

  • Steppers only clear snow that is able to be removed with a shovel and/or snowblower

  • If you have compacted snow on your property that cannot be removed with a shovel and/or snow blower, the Stepper will not proceed to use metal ice scrapers/ice picks

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