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Helpful Tips About Your Payment 




Stripe, our third-party payment processor authenticates your credit card once you make a Request.


Some credit cards and banks authenticate by charging a temporary amount to your credit card. 

You can cancel for no charge if your request has not been picked up by a stepper.


You can cancel the request before a Stepper starts the job, but there will be a 15% cancellation fee from the price that you have set for your request.

OnTheStep only charges your credit card after your Request has been approved. Once a Stepper completes your Request, you will have 2 hours to approve the completed work of the Stepper.

If you are unable to approve your Request within that time period your Request will be automatically approved by OnTheStep.

What's Included in Your Request

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Amy enjoys volunteering in her community to help others. OnTheStep gives her the ability to work outside and contribute to her community.


Logan is an aspiring business school graduate. OnTheStep gives him the flexibility to manage his studies while also contributing to his local community. 


Tristen enjoys the outdoors and is pursuing post-secondary education. OnTheStep gives him the ability set his own schedule to accommodate his studies. 

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